The TRUE NORTH first visited the Rowley Shoals way back in 1987.

At that time very little was known about the area – the West Australian Museum had conducted a fleeting survey however virtually no one else had even heard of the place.

But at first glance – Craig Howson and his early cohorts realised that they had discovered something very special!

So much about the Rowley’s was unique – not only was the area resplendent in very high coral density – significant tidal influence had propagated exaggerated growth and accordingly, the underwater landscape was dominated by oversized corals prospering in the nutrient rich ebb and flow of the tide. The fish life was equally alluring – even superficial investigation had revealed more than 700 resident species and not unlike the corals, the colourful array of local fishes was again dominated by larger species that were easily approached by divers and snorkelers alike! And all was on display in warm tropical waters that boasted some of the best visibility on the Australian coast and, not forgetting the extensive lagoon environments that afforded adventure for every level of experience.

And best of all – there was not another boat in sight!

Even today just a fortunate few are lucky enough to give testimony to the brilliance of the Rowley Shoals and therein lies perhaps the most compelling reason of all to visit.

One for the bucket list for sure but not necessarily a longing that is difficult to achieve! The shoals are just an overnight cruise from Broome – one of Australia’s most revered tourist destinations. Maybe an opportunity for you to tick more than one item off your ‘list’ in a single swoop!

The TRUE NORTH visits the Rowley’s just 3 times a year – in September when the local doldrums produce glassy days that stretch into 360 degree star-filled nights.

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Rowley Shoals Cruise