The Ultimate Photography Expedition

The TRUE NORTH is the perfect platform for expedition photographers regardless of skill level – the perfect platform for those just starting out and for those who have already attained intermediate and advanced skills. The ship is also a very attractive option for professional and specialist photographers who might require exclusive access.

The Adventure-Cruise Platform

The TRUE NORTH is a true adventure-cruise ship – a specialised class of vessel that opens up an extraordinary range of opportunities for dedicated photographers:

  • Underwater photography, featuring convenient site entry via the TRUE NORTH’s dedicated adventure boats.
  • Terrestrial photography featuring otherwise remote and difficult to access locations.
  • Aerial photography utilising the ship’s helicopter and on-board drone.
  • Experienced guidance and active management of prevailing conditions.
  • Interpretation of natural history via the ship’s biologist and naturalists.

Phase One Digital Artists Series Workshop

The TRUE NORTH hosted a memorable PODAS Workshop in the spectacular Kimberley region.

An Adventure-Cruise Aboard The TRUE NORTH

Many leading (and emerging) photographers and videographers have travelled abroad the TRUE NORTH to remote areas in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and, secured imagery that might have otherwise been difficult or even impossible to obtain.

Some travel with family who equally cherish access to some of the world’s most extraordinary wilderness whilst at the same time revelling in the TRUE NORTH’s on-board comfort and style.

The TRUE NORTH has successfully hosted a Phase One Digital Artists Series Workshop and a Kimberley Photographic Workshop.

Photographers and videographers who have sailed with TRUE NORTH include Ken Duncan, Darren Jew, Art Wolfe, Christian Fletcher, Michael Reichman, Nick Rains, Mark Stothard and Michael Fletcher.

Through the Lens of Michael Fletcher

The Benefits of Using An Adventure-Cruise Ship

The TRUE NORTH was purpose built as an adventure-cruise ship and is designed to access remote wilderness areas via coastal waters and river systems.

The ship’s activity based itineraries allow guests to visit a wide variety of locations within a condensed timeframe thereby avoiding long periods of downtime that might otherwise be associated with accessing similar areas via land and air.

Through the Lens: Mark Stothard

Ken Duncan and Ray Martin – Getting the Shot

Itinerary Options

Every cruise on the TRUE NORTH is an opportunity for the expedition photographer. Review our Cruise Map for other location ideas in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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