Being Neutral

Being Neutral

The spectacular and often untouched destinations that are included in the TRUE NORTH's cruise schedule are a constant reminder of just how fragile our environment is. And how important it is to minimise disturbance.

Adventure-cruising is an environmentally sensitive means of accessing wilderness.

  • We are able to provide access without the intrusion of roads.
  • We do not require shore-based structures.
  • We can deliver multiple guests in a single visit.
  • We leave no trace of our visit.

Our ship is compliant with requirement under the MARPOL Convention – an international convention designed to minimize and eventually eliminate pollution of the sea by harmful substances.

Onboard waste is either processed via our treatment plant, retained for recycling or retained for disposal in an approved waste management site.

True North Adventure Cruises is a pioneer and market leader in adventure-cruising.  We are very proud of our achievements and believe that our cruises inspire greater appreciation of natural history.  Through carefully controlled access and entertaining interpretation, we instill the importance of wilderness.

Our guests are quite often left humbled by the nature of our cruises and the respect afforded to our destinations.

No matter where we cruise we always provide information – verbal & written – on the areas that we visit.  Information on culture, natural history and much more.  We believe information is a critical vehicle for sharing responsibility – responsibility for maintaining wilderness for generations.

All activities are lead by staff that are trained to encourage minimal impact on the environment.

We also make a significant contribution to national park & reserve management via license fees & feedback.

We showcase breathtaking wilderness.  Our cruises see nature at its best and we are constantly aware of the privilege that is afforded to guest and crew alike.