Selected Feedback

Kimberley Islands:

Brad & Margo Holt, “Loved It! Loved it! Loved it! Staff could not be faulted & definitely made us feel relaxed & comfortable. Food was beautiful & the scenery spectacular! Well done guys!” Helen & Stewart Nuttall, “What an AMAZING holiday! The crew, places & experiences will stay with us forever, Thank you!”

Kimberley Ultimate:

Jennifer and Dennis, “An absolutely wonderful holiday never to be forgotten. The people & Crew, the standard of service & the sights just wonderful. See you again in October”

Jan & Mike Bolton, “The most amazing holiday ever! A true education on the spectacular Kimberleys. Thanks so much to all and we love your passion!! Xxx”

Kimberley Snapshot:

David & Janine, “We love your ‘backyard’. It is a beautiful part of Australia & the True North & Crew were outstanding”

Ilana & Tony, “The best ‘truly Australian’ travel experience there is. Thank you to every one of you- you should be very proud of True North”

Coral Atoll Cruises:

Diane & Gary Jeffret, “Spoiled for any other diving”

Greg Haines, “Third Trip aboard ‘True North’ and for diving and marine life the best I have experienced!”

West Papua & PNG:

Jack & Barb Clark, “Whoa what an experience, highlights every day, whale sharks, false killer whales, great snorkeling, interesting village. Jack and I had many new & great experiences. Thanks to the world’s best crew. Barb & Jack (the world’s luckiest people)”

Barbara & Barrie Baker, “A superb adventure, enhanced by the wonderful crew, Highlights were the Sepik trip!”

Troy & Kerry Smith, “What an amazing & truly unique experience! We loved the volcano heli flight & ‘warra kalup’: float down the river. Crew are all outstanding, food was spectacular-thanks Andy & Zac! We had a trip of a life time, thanks all!”

Peter & Margie Robinson, “Another wonderful and exciting cruise! It was full of culture & fun. Pleasing us was the crew’s intimate aura and it worked. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

Southern Safari:

John & Elaine Croft, “Very different from the Kimberley, but just as awesome and enjoyable”

West Coast Explorer:

Lis & Geoff Haddy, “Fabulous boat, fantastic crew, great guest/fellow passengers, wonderful food, exciting adventures, lots of fun. We have run out of superlatives!”

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