More than Just a Massage!

There is so much more to wellness than a massage table and aromatherapy.

Wellness is a connection. A connection with yourself and with your surroundings.

Guests who share adventure on the TRUE NORTH often remark that they feel re-invigorated. Perhaps because just that day they have hiked through rain forest, taken a shower under a majestic waterfall, marvelled at ancient rock art and landed the fish of their dreams.

Wellness is also detoxification. A stroll along a beach with just yourself for company and the enjoyment of simple but tasty meals freshly prepared and often featuring locally sourced ingredients.

But wellness is also about connecting with humanity.

Sharing experience with like-minded guest, spending time with chaperoning crew and engaging with those who cherish blameless existence in paradise not yet lost.

And wellness is never better attained than through redemption – the regaining of spirit through acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.

True North Adventure Cruises maintains an active redemption program especially when operating adjacent to underprivileged communities in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Each year the TRUE NORTH delivers significant donations of clothing, school resource and sporting equipment to the many villages and communities that are included in our cruising program.

We also provide school sponsorship, support the efforts of Conservation International and, provide other day to day assistance wherever possible.

Some other examples of our engagement in redemptive travel include:

  • The urgent transfer of an expectant mother to medical care.
  • Alerting Australian authorities following the discovery of villages severely affected by flooding and mudslides. The Australian government subsequently provided immediate assistance.
  • The diagnosis (courtesy of one of our guests) of a serious infant condition and, subsequent transfer of the patient to medical facilities.
  • The discovery of a young girl suffering from horrific burns following a ‘grass skirt’ fire. Generous guests on the TRUE NORTH arranged for the girl’s evacuation and life-changing treatment in Australia. Without this assistance, this young girl’s prospects were very bleak indeed.
  • Guests on a TRUE NORTH cruise also made a big difference to the life of a young man with a cleft palate – see the story below.
  • Supporting Sepik River communities. The Sepik River is one of the largest river systems in the world. It is a fascinating and intriguing destination but it is also a pretty tough place to live! The TRUE NORTH has been visiting villages on the Sepik for more than 7 years and during this time we have donated more than 2000 mosquito nets, medical supplies, school supplies, reading materials, clothing and equipment for mending clothes, footwear and fishing gear.
  • Students at Broome Primary School in Western Australia recently assisted our efforts to support remote schools in West Papua. They worked together to create a design that was then printed onto 500 colourful T shirts and one lucky student, Nick Howson (son of North Star director Craig Howson) was fortunate enough to deliver the shirts during the TRUE NORTH’s 2015 Raja Ampat Explorer.
  • Supporting Conservation Internationals efforts to promote sustainable employment opportunities in West Papua.

If you would like your TRUE NORTH adventure to be a redemptive experience – contact our sales team for more information on current programs.

It is not every day that you get an opportunity to transform someone’s life. Dennis and Gill Warner from Auckland were fortunate to encounter such an opportunity when they visited Ayau on the TRUE NORTH. Read more ...