Exclusively Kimberley

We put the “Kimberley” in Kimberley Cruising!

The TRUE NORTH is an Australian Registered Vessel, custom built for the Kimberley and based locally in Broome.

We often reference the ‘home grown’ nature of our operations but why is this important to our guests?

True North Adventure Cruises pioneered adventure-cruising in the Kimberley more than 30 years ago! This means that from the get-go we offer a level of local knowledge that is unsurpassed!

Our crew members are almost exclusively young Australian’s – which also makes an adventure on the TRUE NORTH an authentic Aussie experience!

And, our Kimberley itineraries conveniently embark and/or disembark in either Broome or Kununurra – which we believe is a critical consideration when considering a Kimberley cruise. Our guests are not required to endure a sea voyage from Darwin; a voyage that can be impacted by adverse sea state and, a voyage that would be void of destination content and totally inconsistent with our adventure-cruise mantra. We much prefer to ensure that every day on-board the TRUE NORTH is an opportunity for our guests to truly immerse themselves in spectacular wilderness.

True North Adventure Cruises is 100% committed to delivering rare experiences such as viewing the ancient rock art of the Australian Aboriginal, catching a monster barramundi or sipping champagne at the top of a towering waterfall. Put simply, we don’t have time for wandering around at sea!

With so much to see and do in the Kimberley, we also encourage our guests to consider pre and post cruise activities such as a station stay at El Questro – a companion Luxury Lodges of Australia property.

Featuring home grown advantage, maximum-adventure and unsurpassed style, the TRUE NORTH is clearly not just another expedition cruise!