The TRUE NORTH Fishing Advantage

"I have never been fishing before and I have never really wanted to go fishing. Now I’m hooked!" It’s not unusual to hear guests on the TRUE NORTH making similar comment – especially the ladies. And there are some pretty good reasons why this change of heart seems to happen so frequently.

Firstly, there is no pressure to go fishing on the TRUE NORTH. Fishing is just one of the many activities on offer and if it’s not something that ‘tickles our fancy’ you absolutely don’t even need to look at a fish if you don’t want to! But if you do decide to get involved, the other welcoming aspect is that with so many adventure boats at our disposal – it is much easier for our crew to ensure that those who have not fished before get to share the experience with others who are also ‘wetting a line’ for the first time and, doing something for the first time is so much more enjoyable when the experience is shared. And equally important - you never feel like you are getting in the way of ‘the experts’.

Our fishing groups are also small which means our attentive guides have plenty of time to show you a trick or two and therein lies another advantage – the beginners always seem to have the best luck but perhaps that’s because they are the best listeners!

And whilst our guides will certainly appreciate a helping hand – they will be just as happy to bait your hook and deal with the quarry, after all, you are supposed to be on holidays and one can only do so much whilst sipping chilled champagne!

And, not forgetting that fishing in the Kimberley is almost (but not quite) more-like catching than fishing!

No, they don’t often jump in the boat (although it does happen) and there can never be any guarantees but the area is certainly pretty reliable when it comes to producing quality fish.

And nobody knows the ground better than we do – it’s been our backyard for more than 30 years!

Not only will species like mangrove jack, finger mark bream and the mighty barramundi entertain with their efforts to avoid capture – they are also amongst the finest eating fish and our chefs are second to none when it comes to making sure that you truly get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

And finally – it would be remiss not to mention the background.

With canvas like The Mitchell, the Hunter and the Regent its always difficult not to paint a picture that is the envy of all who listen to fishing stories from the TRUE NORTH!

If you would like to ‘paint’ your own TRUE NORTH fishing story – a great opportunity is just around the corner!

Our feature itineraries in August are the Kimberley Barra Bonanza (North) and the Kimberley Barra Bonanza (South).

These brand new itineraries showcase optimum conditions for barra fishing and include stunning sojourns to the Kimberley coast’s iconic destinations.

And don’t forget this year has been one of the biggest waterfall seasons on record - all that fresh water might also result in a bumper barra season!