Add To Your Adventure!

If you have been thinking about cruising the Kimberley coast on the TRUE NORTH – this is the best time of the year to add to your adventure and, we still have a handful of 2019 cabins available!

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Exclusively Kimberley

We put the “Kimberley” in Kimberley Cruising! The TRUE NORTH is an Australian Registered Vessel, custom built for the Kimberley and based locally in Broome, Western Australia. We often reference the ‘home grown’ nature of our operations but why is this important to our guests?

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Adventure en plein air

West Australian artist Jacob ‘Shakey’ Butler joined the TRUE NORTH earlier this season and discovered the Kimberley’s raw beauty.

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A Picnic of Indulgence

Excitement hums throughout the TRUE NORTH this morning, it’s heli-picnic day! Adventure-Partner Stacey-Leigh Thompson shares her special day on the TRUE NORTH.

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Brian Warren caught this monster barramundi on a Kimberley Ultimate itinerary. Fishing with fishing guide Jayden Blinco, Brian landed his ‘horse’ in the upper reaches of the Prince Regent River.

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A True North Seafood Laksa

Fishing for the highly-prized King George whiting is a popular activity on the Southern Safari. There are many opportunities to catch yourself an ‘elbow-slapper’ on this 8-night soiree around the Eyre Peninsular.  And the best part? Our chefs are only too happy to prepare freshly caught and delectable whiting – straight from the sea to your plate! A dining experience that practices what we preach – sustainable, organic and very Australian.

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Going Wild In Style

Adventure on the TRUE NORTH always includes intimate encounters with wildlife, both above and below the water. Featuring unparalleled access, a ship’s helicopter, multiple adventure boats, a ship’s biologist and often local specialist guides, the TRUE NORTH is the perfect platform for truly immersive experiences.

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The World Really Is Your Oyster!

Sales Manager Stacey Newton recalls a morning when she was lucky enough to join a TRUE NORTH oyster hunt!

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The Northern Quoll

The Northern Quoll Related to the Tasmanian devil, this charismatic carnivorous marsupial once roamed most of Northern Australia. The Kimberley is now one of the quoll’s remaining strongholds and guests on the TRUE NORTH are lucky enough to visit sever…

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To Finish First, First You Must Finish

Making it to the finish line can be a major achievement when it comes to blue water yacht racing. Just ask Skip Lissiman. Skip will be our special guest on the TRUE NORTH during the Sydney Rocks Blue Water Classic.

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Sail Away This Summer!

Sail Away This Summer! The 630 nautical mile (1,167 km) Sydney to Hobart is one of the world’s great ocean yacht races. The yachts and crew are world class and adding to the draw card – the race begins on one of the world’s most beautiful harbours. The…

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When is the Best Time to See the Kimberley?

A commonly asked question is “When is the best time to see the Kimberley?” And the answer is “The Kimberley is always at its best!”

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Fishing Tales from the True North!

There is nothing better than a day out on the water, especially when the fish are biting! Stories about the ladies who out-fish the boys are pretty common, humorous equipment failures also come to note on a regular basis, then there are the ‘birthday fish’, the ‘monster fish’ and of course, the ones that got away! Our guides have seen and heard it all!

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That’s Not A Wet Season……..This is a Wet Season!

That’s Not A Wet Season……..This is a Wet Season! The Kimberley has recently soaked up successive low-pressure systems. Cyclone Hilda stirred things up only days after Christmas and just two weeks later Cyclone Joyce also proved to be a pretty big rain…

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Tracking Gentle Giants


Tracking Gentle Giants Rhincodon typus can grow up to 18 metres in length and is the world’s largest fish! Despite this, little is known about these gentle giants of the sea. They may not venture near the surface for months or even years on end – only…

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The 7 Most Interesting Whale Shark Tracks from West Papua’s Bird’s Head Seascape


It’s now been just over two years since we successfully deployed the world’s first finmount satellite tags on whale sharks in Cendrawasih Bay – and with one of these original tags still transmitting, it seems a perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned of these magnificent animals since launching Conservation International’s  tagging program with the generous support of the True North and its wonderful guests!

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Distinctively Cenderawasih


Cenderawasih Bay is adjacent to the spectacular islands of Raja Ampat and lies within the epicentre of West Papuan biodiversity. And after a two year hiatus, ship’s biologist Dr Andy Lewis is excited to be returning to the region. “For marine biologist…

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True North Adventure Cruises Turns 30!

On May 26 True North Adventure Cruises celebrated its 30th anniversary with a gala event at the historic Sun Pictures in Broome.  More than 300 guests including previous guests, past and present crew and friends and family were entertained by The Pigra…

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The TRUE NORTH Fishing Advantage

“I have never been fishing before and I have never really wanted to go fishing. Now I’m hooked!” It’s not unusual to hear guests on the TRUE NORTH making similar comment – especially the ladies. And there are some pretty good reasons why this change of heart seems to happen so frequently.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Adventure – Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Fax Machine Flurry! So it was agreed. A new TRUE NORTH would need to be a much larger and more comfortable TRUE NORTH. No more dining on the deck or grabbing a beer from the esky. There would be a dedicated dining saloon, a lounge comple…

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Is This the Scariest Saltwater Crocodile Photo Ever?

Kimberley Saltwater Crocodile

One of the highlights of an adventure-cruise in the Kimberley is the opportunity to see the world’s largest reptile, the infamous saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porososus). The reason saltwater crocodiles are so well-known is that they are large and frankly, pretty scary. How scary? Well, we think that the TRUE NORTH’s photographer Oli Oldroyd might have captured the world’s scariest crocodile photo ever! Check out the picture for yourself and let us know what you think.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Adventure – Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Quality not Quantity! Back in the 80’s Broome was still very much an outback town where stifling seasonal heat encouraged the traders in Chinatown to shut their doors between the hours of 12 and 2 – a chance for others to take advantage of…

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Hidden Gems!


You wouldn’t often imagine Gavin Graham being lost for words. The energetic ship’s master is never shy about supplementing his busy agenda with a mostly less than serious running commentary. An often staccato explanation of his immediate plan of attack…

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Celebrating 30 Years of Crew!

Tales from the True North… Catching-up with former guide, engineer and ship’s master Greg Lee Steere. When did you first join True North Adventure Cruises? I joined the original True North as a guide/engineer in 1998. My first trip was a week in the…

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Celebrating 30 Years of Adventure – Chapter One

Chapter One: Humble Beginnings. When the North Star first arrived in Broome, it was May 1987 and humble beginnings for a company that has since grown into an undisputed icon of the Australian tourism industry. Humble beginnings borne out of a desire fo…

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Australia’s Best Coastal & Aquatic Experiences

Spectacular Eagle Falls Helicopter flight!

What areas of the Australian coastline are included in the TRUE NORTH’s itineraries? The TRUE NORTH offers a variety of adventure-cruises around the Australian coast. The ship’s flagship itinerary, the Kimberley Ultimate, features the vast Kimberley co…

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The Ultimate Bucket List Cruise

True North Expedition Boat at Montgomery Reef

Why is the Kimberley Coast becoming a popular bucket list item? A lot of Australians and, increasingly more international travelers, are becoming aware that the Kimberley region is one of the last great remaining wilderness areas! And for this reason the destination has become highly aspirational.

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Paradise Found in the Louisiade Archipelago

Louisiades Beachside

TRUE NORTH’S Archipelago Adventure takes in the Louisiade Archipelago. During World War II this beautiful place was the stage for some dramatic events. Now, once again, it is a peaceful paradise. The Archipelago Adventure cruise offers the opportunity to explore this pristine environment and see some of the underwater relics of its wartime past.

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Life Changing Experiences

Sepik Soirée

The Sepik River is one of the most intriguing adventure destinations on Earth. It is part of the largest uncontaminated freshwater system in the Asia-Pacific region and a time capsule that is thousands of years old.

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Monsters of the Deep

Sydney To Hobart Race Entrant Unfurling Sail

The Sydney Rocks Blue Water Classic features intimate access to one of the world’s most challenging blue water yacht races. Read more about the infamous Sydney to Hobart here………………

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How the Rowley Shoals changed my life

Cameron Learning to Dive at Rowley Shoals

A phone call about the Rowley Shoals changed everything for North Star Cruises general manager Peter Trembath. Here he recalls meeting Craig Howson and visiting the Rowley Shoals for the first time and, the dramatic impact that first visit had on his life.

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