• Kimberley Saltwater Crocodile

    A safe look at saltwater crocodiles

    An adventure-cruise in the Kimberley region of north-west Australia gives you the perfect opportunity to safely view the world's largest reptile, the infamous saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porososus). One of the reasons saltwater croc ...


  • Celebrating 30 Years of Adventure – Chapter Two

    Chapter Two: Quality not Quantity! Back in the 80’s Broome was still very much an outback town where stifling seasonal heat encouraged the traders in Chinatown to shut their doors between the hours of 12 and 2 – a chance for others t ...


  • Hidden Gems!

    You wouldn't often imagine Gavin Graham being lost for words. The energetic ship's master is never shy about supplementing his busy agenda with a mostly less than serious running commentary. An often staccato explanation of his immediate ...


  • Celebrating 30 Years of Crew!

    Tales from the True North... Catching-up with former guide, engineer and ship's master Greg Lee Steere. When did you first join North Star Cruises? I joined the original True North as a guide/engineer in 1998. My first trip was ...


  • Celebrating 30 Years of Adventure – Chapter One

    Chapter One: Humble Beginnings. When North Star first arrived in Broome, it was May 1987 and humble beginnings for a company that has since grown into an undisputed icon of the Australian tourism industry. Humble beginnings borne out of a ...


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