fish_on_rowley_shoalsThe TRUE NORTH has just returned from yet another awesome season at the Rowley Shoals.

The season was characterized by all the usual suspects – 300 species of fish and 200 species of coral, 26oc water temp, reliable 40m vis, calm and sometimes glassy conditions, canyons, walls, lagoons, high speed drifts and five star snorkeling.

More than 300 square kilometres of adventure beneath the sea and, that truly unique sensation of being amidst a remote and pristine world that is visited by less than 200 people a year!

Yet like every season before, so many vistas left you in simple awe – so totally humbled that such a privilege could be yours.

A high-rise metropolis of flashlight fish from the surreal astonishment of 40 metres at night, the unbridled glee of seven sailfish in the last 5 metres of the Northern Wall, apex predators from beyond an imaginary fortification of blue velvet, the first timers no-longer surprising ease at six and sixty alike, and the disciples flash of green at blazing days end.

The shared inspirations of hardened campaigners and strangers alike.

And the most bizarre, was saved for last.

In True North fashion we had ventured to the Hardware for the final dive of the season. Yet to disappoint – the hammers were there, and up close. So were the silvertips and the grey whalers. But this time there was something else that was special. A sailfish with a broken bill no less – not something that you see everyday!

But that’s not all – when we came to the surface we found a kayak lost a week before by another of the privileged few.

And in the hull of the kayak we found the sailfishes missing bill!

Coral Atoll Cruise