For more than 25 years North Star Cruises’ flagship adventure has been the Kimberley Ultimate Cruise!

During this time the Kimberley Ultimate has also become known as one of Australia’s most exclusive holiday experiences – and for good reason! The Ultimate is simply 2 weeks of lavish indulgence. All of the Kimberley coast’s iconic attractions are included plus much, much, more and, all is enjoyed at a leisurely pace that ends with guests frequently remarking “that’s the best holiday I have ever had!”

If you want not one heli-picnic but two – if you want more time for exploring, more time for fishing and, twice as many mouth-watering dining experiences – then the Kimberley Ultimate is the right TRUE NORTH cruise for you!

And to find out why company biologist, Dr Andy Lewis, is looking forward to his Kimberley Ultimate adventures in 2015 see below.

North Star Cruises’ company biologist Dr Andy Lewis first began as a specialist guide on the TRUE NORTH in 2006 and since then he has become a firm favourite with all our guests.

Andy has an infectious enthusiasm for his work in the Kimberley and says "The Kimberley coastline measures some 13,000km, with giant natural harbours, 2,600 islands and massive rivers and mangrove forests. Marine scientists are only just beginning to explore this vast realm and it is safe to say that every expedition on-board the TRUE NORTH is a voyage of discovery but particularly the Kimberley Ultimate where we have the time to go that little bit further into the unknown!"

“From the upper reaches of the Roe River and its giant crocodiles, to the coral reefs of the Montlivet Islands and discovering new rock-art in the sea caves of the Investigator Island group, my team of naturalists and I are looking forward to joining you on a modern day voyage of exploration through one of the great wilderness areas on Earth! Our ship's helicopter will provide a fantastic aerial overview of the coastline and tremendous opportunities for photography, while our expedition boats whisk you deep into the heart of the wild for close encounters down at water level! Daily presentations in the ship’s lounge and evening photo-reviews ensure all your questions are answered and that your cruise aboard TRUE NORTH presents as an entertaining opportunity to find out more about what makes the Kimberley such a special place!”

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Kimberley Ultimate Cruise