The TRUE NORTH's most famous cruise awaits in 2015!

This is where it all started – this is what North Star Cruises is most famous for!

North Star pioneered adventure-cruising in the Kimberley! It is still our ‘backyard’ and nobody knows the area like we do – we know about sites that others don’t and, we know how to do it all in comfort and style!

From April 2015 the flagship Kimberley Ultimate itinerary will once again offer one of the worlds’ most-highly regarded holiday experiences!

But don’t miss-out – availability is already limited!

If seeing the Kimberley on the magnificent TRUE NORTH is something that you have always wanted to do – act now!

To select your preferred dates – just click HERE!

Magnificent Whale Sharks!

The Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay offers opportunity to experience a truly unique wildlife encounter.
The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the biggest fish in the sea! They feed predominately on plankton (although in Cenderawasih Bay they have taken a liking to small baitfish!) yet they can grow to more than 12 metres in length.

There are other places in the world where snorkelers can have a close encounter with these gentle giants - however we are pretty sure that nothing compares to a whale shark encounter in Cenderawasih Bay!

Channel 7 recently featured a story on the TRUE NORTH’s visits to Cenderawasih Bay – to discover more about this amazing destination watch the video HERE!

We only visit Cenderawasih Bay twice a year and availability in both 2015 and 2016 is disappearing fast! We strongly recommend making early arrangements to avoid any disappointment!

To discuss your next adventure on the TRUE NORTH contact your preferred travel representative or your adventure partners at North Star Cruises on +61 8 9192 1829.

The Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay