When making your travel plans don’t forget to consider an adventure in Australia! Exchange rates can make an Aussie holiday a very attractive proposition and it may just be the perfect time for you to tick the majestic Kimberley coast off your travel bucket list!

And two of True North Adventure Cruises’ much-loved adventure partners will be joining the Kimberley bucket list brigade on the first two Kimberley trips of the year.

True North Adventure Cruises stalwart Stacey Newton is scheduled to embark on Kimberley Waterfalls 1 and is naturally very excited about her upcoming adventure, “I’m looking forward to feeling invigorated again – there is something magical about the Kimberley, it energises your soul and boosts your spirits. I’m not sure if it’s the colours – burnt orange gorges that are splashed with vivid green rainforests and accessed only via teal coloured waters. Or is it the sound of characteristic Kimberley bird calls, or cascading billabongs or maybe the complete silence of an Aboriginal art site. Or for me perhaps it’s the thrill of doing battle with monster barra! I can’t wait to feel the magic again!”

Kimberley Waterfalls 1 departs Broome on 23 March and there are still limited opportunities to watch Stacey reel-in a big one!

Fellow adventure partner Cassie Hunter is also joining an early Kimberley cruise and Cassie is also looking forward to a special connection, “…the remoteness, being so close to nature and, being able to take in the beautifully contrasting and earthy colours of the land and rock formations, that’s what I’m looking forward to. And the feeling of spirituality – it’s like being in another world and I can’t wait to get back out there!”

Cassie is joining Kimberley Waterfalls 2 which departs Wyndham on 2 April and there are also a limited number of cabins remaining available on this departure.

In fact there are just a handful of cabins remaining available on all our 2016 Kimberley cruise departures. Don’t miss out – contact Stacey or Cassie, or your preferred travel representative and tick the magnificent Kimberley coast off your travel bucket list!

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