Larger ships are typically confined to oceanic waters and even smaller ‘expedition ships’ are generally only able to cruise up and down coastal regions.

The TRUE NORTH is able to explore shallow coastal waters and river systems - in the Sepik River for example we venture more than 100 nautical miles from the ocean!

This unique access enables our guests to comfortably engage in activities that cannot be offered on larger ships or, that can only be offered following an arduous journey in a rubber boat!

A classic example is experiencing the King George River’s majestic twin falls. Guest’s on the TRUE NORTH sail up the King George River sipping champagne and listening to classical music on the ship’s sundeck. When the TRUE NORTH arrives at the falls – the master positions the boat under the falls* allowing the guests to have a shower on the bow! After this very unique experience, guests can return to their cabins and change out of their swim wear before either hiking to the top of the falls or, flying above the falls in the helicopter. Larger ships can only anchor off the mouth of the river and ferry their guests to the falls in rubber boats. Upon arrival the rubber boats can be driven under the falls but the only remaining guest option is to endure another extended journey back to the ship – this time in wet clothing. The difference is really quite stark!


The convenience of just 36 guests also allows the crew of the TRUE NORTH to offer a much greater range of activities, for example fishing, mud crabbing, collecting oysters and sunset drinks on the beach. The small group also allows our crew greater opportunity to cater for personal preference and specific interests such as birdwatching and photography excursions.


When helicopter excursions are offered – the helicopter generally remains on the TRUE NORTH for the duration of the cruise. This allows helicopter activities to be scheduled for most days of the itinerary and, for personalised excursions such as sunrise and sunset flights.


The TRUE NORTH operates 6 dedicated adventure boats.

Our adventure boats are 20’ runabouts. We have deliberately chosen this configuration to provide greater comfort, practicality and safety.

Our boats are much more comfortable than rubber boats. They feature ample seating and when the boat is not under way, it is possible to stand-up and walk around. This is a definite advantage when engaging in activities such as fishing, snorkelling, diving and photography. Our adventure boats are fully surveyed by the Australian maritime authorities which means the wearing of life jackets is not required and, we also believe that they are much safer than rubber boats when operating in crocodile country!


And perhaps the greatest adventure-cruise difference is that every day on-board the TRUE NORTH is an activity day! We specifically exclude any extended periods at sea and offer a choice of multiple activities on every day of your itinerary. Our guests tend to spend most of every day away from the TRUE NORTH truly experiencing what the destination has to offer! When comparing – make sure you discover how much opportunity you have to engage in shore-based activities!

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