Rowley Shoals Cruise - Coral Atoll (5 nights)

Broome - Rowley Shoals – Broome

The Rowley Shoals feature exaggerated corals, mind-blowing fish life and stunning underwater clarity; but perhaps more important than anything else – even today they are visited by only a fortunate few! Guided by a marine biologist and a team of underwater naturalists; divers and snorkelers alike will revel in a diverse wonderland of coral habitats including maze-like lagoons, surging tidal canyons and breathtaking walls. And the keen anglers will match wits with big blue-water pelagics such as black marlin, sailfish, wahoo and yellow-fin tuna. Wander the enticing shores of Bedwell Island, see the rookeries of the red-tailed tropicbird and indulge in a TRUE NORTH favourite – sunset drinks on the beach – 300 kilometres from the shore!  The Rowley Shoals are Western Australia’s premiere coral playground!

This is a sample itinerary only. Prevailing conditions, local arrangements and indeed, what we discover on the day, may cause variation.

Rates (AUD) per person - 2021

  • Ocean Class $6,995
  • River Class $9,595
  • Explorer Class $10,595

Rates (AUD) per person - 2022

  • Ocean Class $7,495
  • River Class $9,995
  • Explorer Class $10,995

Rowley Shoals Itinerary

True North Cruise

Night One - Welcome Aboard the True North

Your “welcome aboard” the luxurious TRUE NORTH is in the frontier pearling port of Broome. embarkation is at 1700 – time for a cocktail with your fellow adventurers before departing at approximately 1800. Dinner is served shortly after leaving port and then it’s an overnight steam to the Rowley Shoals.

(Please note that the TRUE NORTH visits the Rowley Shoals only during the months of September, October and November. These months are normally associated with “the doldrums” – a period of light winds and calm seas. In addition, the TRUE  NORTH is fitted with computer controlled motion stabilisers that minimise vessel movement. Guests can therefore  anticipate comfortable conditions when travelling to the Shoals – however observing the normal precautions associated with the prevention of seasickness is always recommended.)


Day One - Arrive at the Rowley Shoals

We arrive early at Clerke Reef. enjoy a sumptuous breakfast before exploring the atoll’s huge lagoon. You will marvel at crystal clear waters teaming with life – clouds of fish and corals of every imaginable colour and shape. There will be plenty of opportunity for beach combing on Bedwell Island, relaxed snorkelling in tropical waist  deep water or perhaps some “catch and release” lagoon fishing using eco-friendly tackle. our qualified and experienced crew will be on-hand to personally introduce everyone to the delights of this pristine environment.

When you’re not on excursion, relax onboard TRUE NORTH and enjoy our renowned cuisine in air-conditioned comfort. The licensed open-air bar will definitely be the spot to witness your first spectacular ‘Rowley’s Sunset’.

under ocean pic

Day Two - World Class Snorkelling

Start the day with a visit to the Aquarium! Forget the Great Barrier Reef – this is world-class snorkelling at its very best! even if you’ve never put your head under water before – this is an absolute must. The water is only waist deep however the experience is literally “out of this world”! More brilliantly coloured corals, giant clams and more than 600 of the world’s most beautiful fish species at your fingertips!
Don’t forget your underwater camera!

In the afternoon we’ll “crank up the action” with something very unique – high-speed snorkel drifts through the outer reef! Again our friendly crew members will be on hand to ensure that everyone gets to try this once-in-a lifetime experience – as many times as you like! our anchorage tonight is in the “swimming pool like” waters of  Clerke Lagoon – 300 kilometres off the coast of Australia!

nice ocean view

Day Three - Trophy Fishing

Another day in paradise – perhaps an early morning swim and breakfast on the deck before the adventure boats set off to explore the outer reef! outer reef snorkelling is a totally different experience – the sheer coral walls teeming with life will take your breath away. The fishing boats will troll the deep blue in search of pelagic species such as Spanish mackerel, giant dog toothed tuna, wahoo and of course the fastest fish in the sea - the prized sailfish! Close encounters with humpback whales and manta rays are also on the agenda. Finish the day with sunset drinks on the beach and one of our famous Island Parties. Then it’s back to the ultimate comfort of TRUE NORTH and another perfect night in Clerke Lagoon – 360° stars reflected in a glassy ocean!

sun bathing

Day Four - Exploring the Outer Reefs

By now you will be addicted to snorkelling and diving amongst the untouched corals of Clerke Reef and your wish is our command! Spend the day exploring the outer reef, or perhaps ‘The Maze’ – an assortment of coral bombies inside the lagoon. Stroll along your very own sand cay, enjoy a swim at the beach or relax in the shade of one of our colourful umbrellas! Take a stand-up board for a paddle or circumnavigate the island in one of our twin kayaks. The dedicated fishers will be out again – one last chance to win the ‘Fish hat’!

Then all too soon it’s time for our overnight steam to Broome. Join the crew in the bar lounge and reflect on our shared adventures. Re-live what is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime as the Rowleys merge into a blazing western sky!

Day Five - Arrive in Broome

Early morning arrival in Broome in time to disembark at 0800 hours. Transfer to the airport or your accommodation – your voyage on the TRUE NORTH need only be the start of a Kimberley Adventure!


The Rowley Shoals are 200 nautical miles west of Broome.

Guests on the TRUE NORTH embark at 1700 on the day of departure and travel overnight to the Rowley Shoals. The TRUE NORTH arrives at the shoals early the next morning.

A wide variety of both reef and pelagic species can be caught at the Rowley Shoals. Prized species include coral trout, yellowfin tuna, mackerel and sailfish.

The water temperature at the Rowley Shoals is 26 degrees Celsius.

More than 700 species of fish have been recorded at the Rowley Shoals.

Yes – the dive coordinator will need to sight a recognised open water certification before a guest is permitted to engage in SCUBA diving.

More than 250 species of coral have been recorded at the Rowley Shoals. Significant tidal range has resulted in the exaggerated growth of both soft and hard corals.

There is just something magical about the Rowleys – something that never leaves you. Perhaps it’s the crystal clear water, or the incredibly dense coral, or the diversity of fish life but more likely it’s the remoteness and a sense that you have the place all to yourself or more precisely, 300 square kilometres of pristine coral all to yourself! Even today – less than 500 people a year a lucky enough to give testimony to the Rowleys and you still have a chance to be one of those 500!

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Guest Feedback

Spoiled for any other diving

Diane & Gary Jeffret

What was so obvious from the first minute was the genuine friendliness of all the crew. They were simply super! There is nothing you could fault, super food, the right mix of activity and leisure and the Shoals a very special place. We must mention Dr Andy, his passion made the reef alive. Congratulations to you all. WE will be back soon!

John & Desiree Day

The most amazing experience. We have loved every second of our trip. Your crew are exceptional and we could want for nothing. We’ll definitely be back.

Lisa & Julian Iuliano

Third Trip aboard ‘True North’ and for diving and marine life the best I have experienced!

Greg Haines

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