Don't just see the magnificent Kimberley Coast - Experience it!

The Kimberley region in North Western Australia is a panorama of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls.

The region attracts visitors from all over the world – but not everybody is fortunate enough to truly experience this ancient land.

Purpose built to go where bigger ships cannot, the stylish TRUE NORTH provides a level of access that is the envy of others!

Whilst others sail past - we can safely navigate the region’s many shallow river systems and provide our guests with intimate access to the region’s iconic nature features.

And, our activity-based itineraries include tactile experiences such as hiking, fishing, mud crabbing, picnics, natural history interpretation, seeing the ancient rock art of the Australian Aborigines and exhilarating helicopter rides.

True North - Setting the benchmark for more than 30 years!

Kimberley Waterfalls (10 Nights)

Experience the emotive beauty that accompanies the end of the wet season! Experience the Kimberley’s renowned summer storms and spectacular light shows! Experience thundering waterfalls and swollen billabongs. And, not forgetting unexplained rock-art, extraordinary wildlife and monster barramundi!

Broome – Wyndham / Kununurra (or reverse)

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Kimberley Ultimate (13 Nights)

For 30 years the TRUE NORTH’s flagship adventure has been the Kimberley Ultimate! During this time the Kimberley Ultimate has also become known as one of Australia’s most exclusive holiday experiences – and for good reason! The Ultimate is simply 2 weeks of lavish indulgence. All of the Kimberley coast’s iconic attractions are included plus much, much, more and, all is enjoyed at a leisurely pace that ends with guests frequently remarking “that’s the best holiday I have ever had!”

Kununurra / Wyndham – Broome

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Kimberley Snapshot (7 Nights)

For those pressed for time – here is the flagship Kimberley Ultimate itinerary condensed into a single week voyage! The Snapshot itinerary features several Kimberley icons including the King George Falls, the Hunter River, the Prince Regent River, Montgomery Reef and the Horizontal Waterfalls.

Broome – Wyndham / Kununurra

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Coast and Coral (13 Nights)

An adventure that combines the very best of two equally stunning destinations – the Kimberley coast and the Rowley Shoals! In the beginning your vista will be framed by layers of ancient geology and then your every moment will be awash in the vibrant colours of a coral wonderland. See all of the coastal icons and then immerse yourself in one of the world’s most-rare habitats!

Kununurra / Wyndham - Rowley Shoals - Broome

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Kimberley Northern Atolls (7 Nights)

Rare opportunity to explore atolls of the far northwest – untouched Seringapatam and Scott Reef! Plus visit one of the TRUE NORTH’s favourite coral playgrounds – the Rowley Shoals! And all in a single itinerary!
Snorkelers and divers will discover pristine coral reef teeming with fish, there will be opportunities for whale watching and bird watching and, for leaving your footprints on beaches where few have been before! And for those keen on fishing – there will be opportunities to fish waters rarely fished. Endless blue skies and no crowds! Just what the doctor ordered! Mix in the TRUE NORTH’s revered hospitality and destination-inspired cuisine and the Kimberley Northern Atolls is sure to impress!

Broome - Rowley Shoals - Scott Reef - Broome

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Kimberley Barra Bonanza (7 & 14 Nights)

A Kimberley Wilderness Adventure with more time for fishing! Stalk elusive barramundi when conditions are at their best. Arm-wrestle giant trevally, lure smashing mackerel and ‘fine-eaters’ such as mangrove jack and fingermark. And, at the same time keep everyone in the gang happy with stunning sojourns to many of the Kimberley coast’s iconic destinations.

(Ultimate): Broome – Wyndham / Kununurra

(South): Broome – Hunter River / Broome

(North): Broome / Hunter River - Wyndham / Kununurra

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