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The cruising compass points ‘True North’ for barefoot luxury

It’s my first cruise since the outbreak of Covid-19 and I’m more concerned about my feet than my hands. There’s a barefoot policy aboard True North, Western Australia’s high-end adventure vessel, and I can’t get my head around sitting down to dinner with my shoes off. It turns out I didn’t need to worry about either.

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The Bucket List Honeymoon on the High Seas

Lake Hillier

If you’re planning to honeymoon at home this year – an adventure on the TRUE NORTH will deliver some serious rock star moments in your own backyard.

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Waterfalls of the Kimberley

true north boat and helicopter

North American travel writer Steve Leland and his wife Cheryl were lucky enough to be on-board the mighty TRUE NORTH for our only Kimberley Waterfalls itinerary of 2020.

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Kimberley Dreaming

TRUE NORTH Montgomery Reef

Qantas Travel Insider correspondent Max Veenhuyzen reports that his favourite picnic spot in Australia is Melaleuca Falls.

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Ultimate Cruise Guide

Woman photographing a deep gorge with waterfalls in the mid ground

The Kimberley Snapshot has been included in Conde Nast’s Ultimate Cruise Guide for 2020.

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The Best Wild West

OO_KU2_2015 2-0561

Australia’s Kimberley region is one of the world’s last true wilderness frontiers. Natasha Dragun explores its rivers, reefs and gorges aboard the luxury expedition ship, True North.

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Experience Papua New Guinea Up Close


The TRUE NORTH is an ideal starting point for encounters with islanders who rarely receive foreign visitors. German journalist Georg Berg experienced a varied program that featured the island of Bougainville.

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It’s Time To Put Western Australia On Your Holiday Radar

Last Minute Broome in WA

From our mammoth natural wonders and iconic oversized attractions, Australia sure knows how to go big. But nobody does it bigger than Western Australia. In fact, WA is so big that if it was a separate country it would be the 10th largest in the world.

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Where Coral is King

Coral Atoll Cruise Carolyn Beasley

Carolyn Beasley will delight Travel+Leisure readers in Asia with this striking 10 page feature on the bucket-list Rowley Shoals.

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A Wilder Cruise Downunder

Wilder Cruise True North

Mikey Rapkin discovers the Kimberley for popular North American glossy Men’s Journal.

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A Cruise Like No Other!

Heli-picnic at Eagle Falls Kimberley

Peter Volny and Linda Goddard are inveterate travellers and recently reviewed their Kimberley Ultimate cruise for Private Wealth Canada. Reproduced with the kind permission of Private Wealth Canada.

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Wild Wonder

Wild Wonder Cover Photo

The Weekend Australian’s Natasha Duggan recently experienced the TRUE NORTH’s newest itinerary – Coast & Coral.

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Splendid Isolation


A seven-day cruise on the TRUE NORTH recently took New Zealand journalist Chris Reed to his new happy place!

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Northern Soul

cruising the Kimberley

Waterfalls, rock art, crocodiles, and a plethora of fresh seafood to consume – Robb Report’s Susan Skelly discovers that cruising the Kimberley is non-stop awesome!

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Nothing but the Truth!


Traveller’s World, one of Germany’s leading travel magazines, recently featured The Mighty True North!

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Is This The World’s Most Exotic Cruise?

Adventure Cruise - True North

The UK Daily Mail’s Max Davidson recently joined the TRUE NORTH in Papua New Guinea and found himself unprepared for the extraordinary riches that lay ahead.

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This Remote Region in Australia is an Adventure-lover’s Paradise

Wildlife Spotting and Fishing

Eric Rosen recounts 13 experiences that make cruising the Kimberley on the TRUE NORTH an adventure-lover’s paradise!

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Pure Wilderness and Pure Luxury

Wilder cruise downunder Eagle Falls

German Journalist Christian Kolb discovers one of the last wilderness areas of earth – aboard the boutique adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH.

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The 8 Most Expensive Cruises We’d Book If Money Were No Object

True North - Heli Packages

Cruise Critic’s Janice Wald Henderson describes why the Kimberley is best seen onboard the TRUE NORTH on her list of the 8 “sky’s-the-limit budget” cruises world-wide.

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True North Redefines Luxury by Providing the Ultimate Travel Experience

Wilder cruise downunder Eagle Falls

LUXUO’s Angelyn Tan Experiences Luxury Redefined on the TRUE NORTH. Throughout history, the definition of luxury has often evolved, from the accumulation of objets d’art to the embrace of ascetic minimalism, many luxury objects are often defined by opulence and extravagance. Luxury is no longer simply about spending money on beautiful things but instead an experience can now define luxury. This is what True North is all about.

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Experience One of the Last Wilderness Areas on Earth with German Journalist Christian Kolb

jackson falls kimberley hd

Expedition yacht TRUE NORTH takes guests into the heart of the Kimberley wilderness. Crocodiles, sharks, whales and sightseeing flights with the on-board helicopter give guests a unique perspective.

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Captivating Kimberley: cruising Australia’s west coast

Kimberley Cruise - Ashore For A Climb

Weathered by eons of rain, wind and sea spray, these cliffs are almost as old as the Earth itself. Roderick Eime describes cruising Australia’s west coast.

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The Kimberley – The Best Kept Secret Of Western Australia

Bednar Magazine double spread with aerial image of True North

French journalist Sylvie Bednar reviews the flagship Kimberley Wilderness Cruise.

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A “How to Adventure-Cruise in Australia” from German journalist Georg Berg


In his logbook, chief reporter Geog Berg shares the experiences that make traveling to Australia a hassle-free experience for FrontRowSociety readers.

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Georg Berg introduces adventurers from Germany to life on-board the mighty TRUE NORTH.

Georg Berg - Adventurers Trip True North

Out and about in Indonesia! The Australian adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH moors in picturesque bays and offers guests exciting land excursions and SCUBA diving in some of the most species-rich waters on earth.

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German journalist Georg Berg discovers Fire and Dragons in Indonesia!

Komodo Dragon Indonesia

Follow Georg as on the TRUE NORTH as he encounters friendly people, smoky volcanoes and dangerous animals onboard one of the finest cruise ships in the world.

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Off the Beaten Track Travel

off the beaten track travel

As exotic, remote destinations become more easily accessible, Australian tourists are beginning to hunt for something weird, wacky and wonderful to make their holiday a trip to remember writes Alice Murphy for Daily Mail Australia. A growing number of…

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Wild Wild West

True North Crew in WA

Pippi Smith recalls her recent adventure in the far north of Western Australia for MindFood’s Cruise Special.

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Capturing the Light

Kimberley Water Falls

September 2018 Signature Luxury Travel – Hayley Baillie The remote coastal region of the Kimberley is an opportunity to experience the true, untouched beauty of Australian wilderness. True North Adventure Cruises leads bold expeditions in first-class c…

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Call of the Wild: Exploring Indonesia’s Exotic Archipelagos

Raja Ampat

March 2018 Coastal Living – Emma Sloley DOES YOUR CRUISE SHIP have its own helicopter? If not, you might want to rethink your life choices. I’m certainly reflecting on mine as I embark the True North, a handsome, 164-foot ship reminiscent of the sleek…

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Southern Beauty

Ocean Southern Safari

Rugged, barely touched and teeming with friendly sea creatures … few places offer oceanic splendour quite like southern Australia. Susan Skelly romances the remote aboard True North.

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Southern Indulgence

Kangaroo Island Beach Scene with Seals

Whether you’re a wine buff, foodie fanatic or ardent angler, one lucky Club Marine member and partner will soon be experiencing True North’s spectacular Southern Safari.

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South Australia in Style

Feeding Tuna Fish

Photojournalist Cormac Hanrahan recently joined the TRUE NORTH and experienced the best of South Australia – fine wine and fresh oysters, fishing for King George whiting and cage-diving with great white sharks!  

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All Aboard for the Rowley Shoals!

Marine Wonderland

Club Marine – Vol. 32 No. 1 Marine Wonderland Exploring the Rowley Shoals An exclusive opportunity to win an adventure cruise to discover the pristine waters of the untouched Rowley Shoals! Club Marine’s greatest-ever giveaway, the Boatloads of Fun com…

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See rugged, remote Australia by boat on this bucket-list cruise

Untamed Glory Australia's Kimberley King George

February 2017 Dallas News – Michael Hiller As a special contributor to the Dallas Morning News, Michael Hiller recaps his recent Kimberley adventure-cruise aboard the TRUE NORTH.  You don’t book a True North Adventure Cruise through Australia’s remote…

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Wild at Heart


Adventure cruising in the Kimberley region. Australia’s Kimberley Coast is an isolated region of dramatic waterfalls, tides, and cliffs – all best experienced by ship. Ian McGuire discovers one of the world’s final frontiers.

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The Rowley Shoals: An Underwater Smorgasbord

The Rowley Shoals An Underwater Smorgasboard

Nigel Marsh visited one of the most remote dive destinations in Australia aboard the mighty TRUE NORTH and discovered a collection of corals, fish and sharks that blew his socks off! From my first dive at the Rowley Shoals I knew I was exploring somewh…

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Kimberley’s Greatest Hits – Judy Bailey

kimberley Mineral Spring

“Kimberley’s Greatest Hits”  Judy Bailey, NZ Herald Travel Section, November 8 2016. Judy Bailey discovers the beauty of one of the world’s great wildernesses on an action-packed cruise aboard the mighty TRUE NORTH. There is nowhere else I’d rather be,…

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Good Tidings by Michelle Kearney

Kimberley Rocks -True North

Good Tidings – Michelle Kearney reviews the spectacular Kimberley coast in the latest edition of Signature Magazine.  The best way to explore the ancient Kimberley coastline is on a ship purpose built to navigate shallow coastal areas and wild rivers. …

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Exploring the Remote Rowley Shoals by Nigel Marsh

Rowley Shoals by Nigel Marsh

Exploring the Remote Rowley Shoals features in the November issue of Dive Log Magazine.  Underwater photographer Nigel Marsh details his recent experiences at the Rowleys aboard the mighty TRUE NORTH.  Read his exciting article here . Why not experienc…

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Kings of the North Features in Ocean Charters

Ocean Media Interview Craig Howson

“Kings of the North” by Scott Alle is featured in the latest Ocean Charters Magazine, August 2016. Craig Howson talks to Scott Alle about legendary ship TRUE NORTH, his most memorable cruising experiences and his remarkable partnership with North Star …

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True Adventure by Jane Freebury

Sepik River and the Bismarck Sea

“True Adventure To the Sepik River and the Bismarck Sea” with Jane Freebury featured in The Weekend Australian, April 2016. Jane recalls her experience as a guest of the TRUE NORTH and the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in this latest article. There i…

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The Kimberley Rocks by Roderick Eime

Mitchell Falls Panorama Mark Stothard

“Find your true north as you cruise amongst 20,000 year old cave paintings.” Read Rod Eime’s latest story in Vacations & Travel Magazine. Kimberley Ultimate  

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Cruising (wild style) on the Kimberley Coast

Kimberley Maggie Cooper

For a luxurious and intimate cruise experience Gary Allen explores one of the world’s last great wilderness areas, the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia, on board a floating boutique hotel. View full article By Gary Allen | Published #65, Luxury Tra…

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Luxus – Yachting in Australien

Luxus Yachting

Product review for German speaking visitors November 2015. Kimberley ist eine der neun Regionen des australischen Bundesstaates Westaustralien und mit 424517 Quadratkilometern fast so groß wie Deutschland und Österreich zusammen. Es ist aber auch die H…

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Exploring the Kimberley – The Globe & Mail Canada

kimberley shower True North Cruise

The land of ahhhs: Exploring the Kimberley By Tim Johnson, The Globe Mail 30th October 2015 (Canada) Covering the northwest edge of the continent, this sawtooth stretch of sandstone is shot through with coves, rivers and waterfalls. Extremely hot in th…

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KREUZFAHRTEN – von Ingrid Brunner 8th October 2015

True North Cruise KWC

Word is traveling far and wide about the spectacular Kimberley coastline and, the world class adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH. The region is becoming increasingly popular with travellers from Germany and, we are pleased to invite German speaking adven…

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Crown Issue 2 – Archipelago À Gogo

Crown Group Cover Page

Archipelago, À Gogo – Winter 2015, Crown Group An almost forgotten chain of islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea holds a wealth of wonders for those who choose to travel there aboard luxury cruise ship TRUE NORTH, writes Roderick Eime. We are flyi…

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PNG By Sea by Roderick Eime

PNG, By Sea, Paradise

PNG, By Sea, Paradise Vol. 14 Once the domain of fearless National Geographic photojournalists and intrepid explorers, PNG is re-emerging as the ideal adventure destination – this time by ship in five-star luxury. Roderick Eime reports. Like fleeting s…

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Luxury Travel Magazine – Papua New Guinea by Peter FitzSimons

Luxury Travel Cover Page

Get There Cruise – Papua New Guinea Article by Peter FitzSimons, photography by Oliver Oldroyd. There are two ways to measure the worth of a holiday: the joy it gives you at the time, and how often afterwards you look back on it with pleasure. ‘Cos you…

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Centurion Magazine – July 2015


The Last Boat To Paradise The True North – a cruiser with 18 double cabins, gourmet chefs, scuba gear, and a helicopter onboard – is the best way to access the Solomon Sea, an empty swath of the South Pacific where WWII shipwrecks, coral reefs, and und…

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Travel & Leisure South East Asia – April 2015

Travel & Leisure South East Asia

Melanesia Rising Two dimdims fly off a yacht… It’s the start not of a joke but the trip of a lifetime for Sophy Roberts, who scuba dives below Papua New Guinea and chugs above it in a mixmaster bilong Jesus Christ. Photographed by Ken Kochey. There is…

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The Many Faces of Papua New Guinea

Many Face of Papua New Guinea

Article by Maria Visconti / Source: Travel there next Have you ever been in a plane where it is all one class – business class – and  there are twice as many seats as there are passengers? Where champagne flows and delicious titbits arrive periodically…

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Exploring the Solomon Sea – TRUE NORTH cruise

Solomon Sea With True North Cruise

UK Financial Times Feature by Sophy Roberts, (March 2015) The islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea receive few visitors but a luxury cruiser now allows adventurers to explore. In this glassy stillness five degrees south of the doldrums, there’s no…

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Farther Shores – The Sepik Soiree Cruise in PNG

Farther Shores - True North

Sally Patten, Sophisticated Traveller Feb 2015 A journey around Papua New Guinea’s remote northern islands combines luxury cruising with the chance to experience – and contribute to – traditional village life, writes Sally Patten. The first person I me…

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Forbidden Waters – Signature Travel & Style Nov 2014

Signature Travel and Style Cover

Located on Australia’s doorstep, Papua New Guinea intrigues Tricia Welsh with its wild, exotic nature – birds of paradise, tree kangaroos, colourful tribal costumes – not to mention man-eating crocodiles. With a colourful history of unstable politics,…

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The Great North West – Ocean Magazine Issue 57

Ocean Cover Page

Ask any Australian about The Kimberley and they will get a wistful look in their eye as they are transported by the dream of visiting one of the nation’s most astonishing natural wonders! It’s no coincidence that Tourism Australia chose Western Austral…

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Ocean Magazine Reviews PNG Adventure Cruise

PNG Ocean Magazine

Once the domain of fearless National Geographic photojournalists, headhunters and god-fearing missionaries, Papua New Guinea is re-emerging as the ideal adventure destination. Can you visit this ‘land that time forgot’ in five-star luxury? Roderick Eim…

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Kimberley Cruising rated No. 1 Australian Holiday!

100 Greatest Holidays Australia

Australia’s best 100 holidays listed by Australian Traveller magazine – as reported in the SMH April 3, 2014 QUEENSLAND has been robbed of its dream destination reputation, with the state’s top spot ranking only the 10th best Aussie holiday. That’s rig…

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“Simple Pleasures” – Australian Doctor Magazine

True North Adventures Cruises

“Simple pleasures” A three-stage journey by yacht, helicopter and dugout canoe provides MARIA VISCONTI with a unique slice of remote village life in PNG. – 21st March 2014 LIFE onboard this luxury yacht is so laid back, it’s horizontal. There is a no-s…

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“Into the Wild” Andrew Denton Tours PNG Aboard TRUE NORTH

Gourmet Traveller

It is my second day, and first time, in Australia’s nearest neighbour. After an encearingly shambolic welcome “sing-sing”, the men of Noipus are demonstrating the “whipping ceremony” an initiation ritual that involves one man cracking a two-metre-long …

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“Frontier Land” AUDI Magazine March 2014

Audi Magazine Kimberley Article

One of the last true wilderness areas in the world, Australia’s vast Kimberley region remains little more than a concept to most. Paradoxically beautiful, yet dangerous in the extreme, exploring this remote area requires considerable expertise and loca…

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Mercedes Magazine Feature: Tricia Welsh

Mercedes Magazine Cover Page

Mercedes Magazine Australia November 2013 Located a mere 150 km from the tip of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the last true wildernesses in the world. Few Australians have visited and even fewer have it on their wish…

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The Giants Playground

Whale Sharks aboard True North

Luxury Travel Magazine July 2013 by Belinda Wilkinson In a remote bay in West Papua Whale Sharks jostle like puppies to be fed by hand by local fishermen. Belinda Wilkinson sailed North aboard the luxury yacht TRUE NORTH to swim with them. Images by Tr…

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Signature Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Volume 10 2013

Signature Luxury Travel True North

Great Southern Land A seafood safari across the Great Australian Bight gives Sue Wallace the chance to get cosy with creatures both fearsome and beautiful amid some of the most stunning scenery in the country! To read the full article please click here…

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Virgin Airlines Magazine Review of True North

Virgin Australia Voyeur Cover Page

International high-end cruiser company North Star Cruises combine adventure and luxury — which could mean handfeeding whale sharks in West Papua, exploring Aboriginal rock art in remote caves, or getting up close and personal under a waterfall in the K…

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Qantas Magazine Feature Rowley Shoals Cruise

Qantas Magazine

Multihued fish and coral abound as Amruta Slee explores what lies beneath at the Rowley Shoals off the WA coast. Feature article appears in Qantas Magazine April 2013 Luxury Travel Issue. To read the full article please click the following link: Qantas…

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Robb Report Feature Sepik River Cruise

True North Robb Report

True Blue: An authentic cultural adventure unfolds along Papua New Guinea’s seldom-sailed Sepik River. – March 2013 by Tricia Welsh All eyes are on the eight young men seated around the fire. The skin on their backs and shoulders is deeply scarred, hav…

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Ultimate Travel Magazine On Kimberley Adventure Cruise

Ultimate Travel Magazine On Kimberley

Travel journalist Joanna Hall reviews True North’s Kimberley Snapshot Cruise for Ultimate Travel Magazine, with glowing reports! It is one of Australia’s most remote destinations, and in this cruise review Joanna Hall finds True North gets would-be adv…

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Ocean Magazine: Flinders Footsteps ‘Southern Safari’

Ocean Magazine

Ocean Magazine: Flinders Footsteps ‘Southern Safari’ Issue #48 In Flinders’ Footsteps: Matthew Flinders may be renowned as the first to circumnavigate Australia, but as Sue Wallace discovers, travelling as a guest of TRUE NORTH, modern day explorers ca…

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Club Marine Magazine Feature

West Papua Discoverer Cruise

Latest Article from Club Marine Magazine! – 12/12/2012 Bismarck Bound by Chris Beattie. Read this hot-off-the-press article by Chris Beattie of Club Marine Magazine from the latest Bismarck Bonanza PNG cruise in November, click on the PDF link. For mor…

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RM Williams Outback Magazine: Heading North

Cover Page OUT Back

RM Williams Outback Magazine: Heading North – Nov/Dec 2013 Story and Photos by Mark Muller True North and her crew lap Australia each year, by way of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, but their home will always be the Kimberley… There is a heightened s…

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Travelling Around The Kimberley with Maggie Cooper

Kimberley Snapshot Cruise

Kimberley Snapshot Review Reported in the Northern Star by Maggie Cooper: November 10th 2012 “THERE IS nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. So declared the Water Rat in Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in…

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TRUE NORTH Missions of Mercy: The Weekend Australian

Luxury Expedition

Luxury Expedition Vessel’s Missions Of Mercy – The Weekend Australian May 26-27 2012 “…True North has operated numerous mercy missions since it began cruising around Papua New Guinea seven years ago.” To view the following article please click on thi…

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Hooked on Paradise with A PNG Cruise

Hooked on Paradise with A PNG Cruise

Hooked on paradise: PNG cruise – by Scott Podmore – ESCAPE 25th December 2011 Article SHOCK set in the moment my fishing guide Ben locked a look of horror on me after frantically grasping the fishing line. I’d been barbed by a barracuda! An…

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Sydney Morning Herald – Stunning Secret World of PNG

True North PNG Cruises

Treasure Islands Craig Tansley finds a stunning secret world of teeming wildlife and island villages untouched by modernity. Each morning the islanders are here with the sunrise and in the evenings, long after the sun sets, they linger, not missing a m…

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