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The travel industry has experienced unprecedented disruption during 2020.

For sure our desire to travel will rebound. In fact, the release of pent-up desire will likely be quite significant – after being locked-down we are all yearning for freedoms that perhaps, for so long, we took too much for granted.

However, will we simply pick-up where we left off – or will our travel habits be changed forever?

It seems likely that some things will change and accordingly, True North has introduced True North Fresh - a program designed to ensure that our company can continue to provide market leading levels of guest satisfaction.

The program is based upon four pillars:

Enhanced Hygiene

Guests travelling on the TRUE NORTH have always commented on our meticulous housekeeping and, our focus on small group outdoor activities presents much less risk when compared to more crowded alternatives. However, going forward all TRUE NORTH itineraries will feature the following enhanced procedure:

  • Strict compliance with the Western Australian Government’s COVID Safety Guidelines.
  • A pre-departure guest (and crew) statement declaring the absence of any known virus-related risk to fellow guest or crew.
  • Embarkation screening (for guest and crew) including reaffirmation of the pre-departure statement and, temperature scanning.
  • Embarkation issue of sanitized hand wipes.
  • Hygiene protocols included in the master’s welcome speech and in guest cabins.
  • Signage reinforcing hygiene protocols displayed in all guest and crew cabins.
  • The removal of all non-essential items from guest cabins.
  • Pre-embarkation professional laundering (high temperature) of bed linen.
  • The installation of a two-tier sanitation process in the air conditioning system that removes impurities in the air handling unit and cooling coils and, also sanitises the ducting system.
  • Vessel defogging during off-boat activities.
  • Complimentary stainless-steel water bottles supplied to all guests.
  • The issue of guest specific recreation equipment. (In instances where guest specific recreation equipment is not available – all items will be cleaned with hospital grade cleaner after use).
  • Twice-daily cleaning of surface areas and contact points in all cabins and day-use areas.
  • Air sanitiser units fitted to all interior spaces.
  • Floors cleaned daily with hospital grade cleaner.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers in all cabins and day-use areas.
  • Hand sanitiser wipes available in guest cabins.
  • Twice daily cleaning of deck washrooms.
  • Enhanced galley specific protocols in accordance with industry standards.
  • Hand sanitiser wipes issued on arrival at lounge bar and before food service.
  • Crew service at breakfast buffet.
  • Crew service at canapes.
  • To assist with social distancing – outside bar service and television/audio will always be available.
  • Helicopter cab to be disinfected after each flight (including wipe down and aircon treatment).
  • Helicopter headsets to be fitted with single-use mouth pieces.
  • Helicopter life jackets to be disinfected after use.
  • Dedicated containment and evacuation procedure (including provision of required PPE).
  • Reduced crew change-outs.

Amendment to General Booking Conditions

To provide our guests with greater assurance when considering their travel plans, the following amendment to our general booking conditions will be maintained until such time as the provision is no longer considered essential:

Any person who is not able to join a booked departure because of a travel ban associated with coronavirus or, who is not able to join a booked departure because they have tested positive to coronavirus, or because they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive to coronavirus or, because they have had close contact with someone who is suspected of having contracted coronavirus, or because they are indicating sign or displaying symptom of virus at the time of departure, will be offered deferred arrangement equivalent to the value of the existing arrangement without the application of penalty.

Requests for deferment as above, must be reasonably substantiated.

Restated Values

Recognising that travellers will likely have different priorities going forward, True North is taking this opportunity to restate our company values:

The provision of exceptional small group adventures. Australia owned & operated; incorporating meticulous hygiene and remote area destinations featuring nature-based experiences that are safe & carefree – no crowds and no close contact with other groups and……unlimited fresh air!

Amended Pricing & Product

And finally, recognising changes in the marketplace, True North Fresh incorporates the following changes to products and pricing:

  • Product - the release of several brand-new itineraries (see the amended 2020 Sailing Schedule) that will replace previously scheduled international sailings currently not able to proceed account of border closures.
  • Pricing – in many instances, departures scheduled for the second half of 2020 will feature pricing that is in the vicinity of 25% less than previous pricing. Where applicable, these generous price reductions will also be made available to guests with existing arrangements.

For more information, contact our reservations team at

16th June 2020