Cultural Experiences

Wandjina Rock Art

Rock Art

Learn the history and culture of the first Australians. View this art in hidden rocky outcrops across the Northern and Southern Kimberley coastline. The Northern Kimberley is home to the controversial Bradshaw art (or Gwion Gwion) and the Southern Kimberley coastline, as far as the northern reaches of the Mitchell Plateau, is home to a vast array of Wandjina rock art sites.

Lake Houses Sepik Culture

PNG Culture

The TRUE NORTH first visited untamed Papua New Guinea in 2005. Since then we have added undiscovered West Papua to our sailing schedule and continually refined our itineraries to ensure that they are filled with only the highest quality experiences – the highlight being countless encounters with the overwhelming hospitality of those who are fortunate to call these untouched paradises home. Explore the untouched culture of the Sepik river communities and be intrigued by their ancient traditions and way of life.

Stothard's with Kids

Traditional People of West Papua

West Papua lies at the crossroads of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and has a fascinating history extending back over 40 thousand years, with Melanesians, Islamic Sultans, Dutch traders, and Portuguese mariners all vying for control at different times. TRUE NORTH is the perfect platform to enjoy a modern day expedition through West Papua. Experience cultural interactions with both traditional Indonesian people at Banda, and Melanesia people at Gam and Waigeo.

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